Our Facility

We Offer Three Dance Rooms With Special Flooring

Our dance studios were built with your young dancers safety in mind. There are two components to dance floors: 1) The Sub-floor, a combination of wood panels with foam squares attached on the underside which rest on the concrete slab, provide the resilience or spring to help protect the dancer’s joints and muscles from injury and 2) The Surface-floor, which provides resistance or the appropriate friction for the style of dance being performed.

Studio ‘A’ has a vinyl non-slip dance surface which we can roll and take with us to lay on the stage for our end of year performances. The surface on Studio ‘B’ was developed with a tough wear coat to stand to the rigors of tap dance and its also great for ballroom or social dancing. Our latest addition, Studio C, has a padded roll out vinyl dance floor especially developed to offer superb protection against hard floors. It can be laid onto a very hard surface such as concrete, to provide a “semi-sprung” dance floor.


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