Classes Offered

  • What are the benefits for young children who attend dance lessons?

They learn such skills as listening carefully and not talking while instructions are being given. Furthermore they also learn to be a member of a group and to take turns. Classes offer the opportunity to move to a beat, increase musicality and the use of the imagination. Those taking part learn to express their feelings and emotions physically in a non-aggressive manner. Pupils are helped to become more familiar with their bodies and to use their bodies creatively. Sessions can also offer experiences of different cultures. To this list of benefits we must add physical flexibility, and co-ordination. Also, cardiovascular and general fitness are improved. Dance lessons are a team-building and confidence-enhancing activity.


  • Creative Dance – Ages 2.5-3 years old

  • Pre-Dance I and II:  Ballet, Tap, Tumbling – Ages 3-5 years old

  • Pre-Ballet l and ll – Ages 5-7 years old

  • Classical Ballet – Ages 8 and over

  • Pointe – Ages 11 and over (minimum 2 years ballet)

  • Boys: Pre-Dance, Hip-Hop / Tumbling – Ages 3 and Up

  • Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap – Ages 7 and up

  • Adult Program: Ballet, Jazz, & Tap

  • Musical Theater – Ages 7 – 12 years old

  • Music Lessons: Piano, Voice, Flute – Ages 5 to 5th grade

  • Elite Dance Company Competition Group – Ages 8 and Up

  • Northwest Youth Ballet Company, Ages 7 and up