Class Descriptions

Creative Dance for 2.5-3 year olds – Creative Movement and dance is a joyful and constructive way for young children to develop their physical skills, channel their energy, stimulate their imagination and promote their creativity. This class is perfect for for 3-year-olds, because their motor skills are being defined and refined. What better way to help them through this important phase?

Pre-Dance I & II: Ballet, Tap and Tumbling for ages 3-5 year olds – An introductory course where students learn basic stretches, coordination, movement development, classroom procedures, confidence and self-expression in a fun and nurturing environment.

Pre-Ballet I & II for ages 5-7 – An introductory course to formal ballet training. This class covers the five positions and basic movements at the barre and during center work.

Classical Ballet for ages 8 and up – Ballet is the dance form that is the basis for all other forms of dance. In this class, students combine conventional poses and steps with flowing figures, such as leaps and turns. The six level curriculum is based on the Dance Educators of America’s model.

Pointe for ages 11 and up –  Pointe is the ultimate training of the female classical dancer. Because of its status, this class is only offered to ballet students who have attained the necessary physical development and dance proficiency to undertake this training.

Jazz for ages 6 and up – This class teaches the student the popular dance form that borrows from many areas including ballet and musical theater, and incorporates a wide range of styles and techniques. Jazz emphasizes self-expression, rhythm, and movement to contemporary music. Students are required to take at least one ballet class a week.

Tap for ages 4 and up – In this class, children learn fundamental tap techniques using rhythmic footwork in specially equipped shoes. The benefits of tap are that it increases rhythm and motor skills.

Lyrical for ages 10 and up (with one year of ballet) – Lyrical classes are a combination of three styles of dance: ballet, modern and jazz. This style is usually performed to contemporary music.

Hip-Hop ages 6 and up – A contemporary dance form that can be highly athletic and requires both coordination and control. Great fun for all ages!

Boys Classes ages 2.5 and upYes, Boys Can Dance!

Music Lessons – Piano, Guitar & Flute

Musical Theater Ages 7-15

Adult Classes – Ballet, Tap, Pilates & Jazz

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